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Camping in Uganda offers a great way to experience the beauty of nature and escape the hustle and bustle of our busy world. This site is for anyone who wants to try camping, find locations, read reviews, know more about gear and generally, have a love of the outdoors experience.


Looking for the best places to go camping in Uganda? Here are the best places where to enjoy camping safaris in Uganda including national parks, game reserves and private grounds where to go camping.

Things to Do

There are many leisure activities that are adventurous and fun in Uganda like one can go for bungee jumping, rafting, sky diving but at the end of it all those activities take a short time and are done by most people. There is something that is so natural and relaxing and that is watching the biodiversity in its natural setting.

Planning a Camping Trip


Where to start? Some tips to help to help you get started

Choosing your gear – Beginner’s help

What you should look for in a tent – a guide to help you choose the best tent for you!

How to choose a sleeping bag – How to choose a sleeping bag? Tips on what you need to look for.

What gear should you have to start off with? 10 things we think you need.

What to packā€¦and what to leave behind

Travel Tips

Here are some important travel tips and guides to make camping easier for you

Camping Food for Beginners: How to get yourself prepared.

Packing the car for your trip: How to get ready with all that gear!

Keeping safe when camping